Contact Great Bromley Parish Council

For all Parish Council business please contact the Clerk:

To contact particular councillors please go to our list of councillors for individual contact details, where available. Otherwise all contact must be via the Clerk.

District Council

To contact Tendring District Council, visit their website at

County Council

To contact Essex County Council, visit their website at

Reporting Issues

To report the following issues to Tendring District Council telephone 01255 686868 or use the online "Report it" form

  • Missed Waste Collection
  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Vehicles For Sale on the Highway
  • Litter from Vehicle
  • Fly Tipping
  • Full Litter or Dog Bin
  • Dog Fouling
  • Street Cleaning
  • Street Name Plate Faults
  • Life-rings
  • Memorial Benches

To report the following issues to Essex Highways use the online report it form

  • Road, pavement and surface issues
  • Lights, signals and signs
  • Flooding, drainage and manhole covers
  • Trees, hedges and weeds
  • Travel or traffic issues
  • Public Rights of Way issues
  • Bridges, Subways or culverts

Visit Essex Highways to:

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Information for building developers can be found at